100 Hours of EastEnders screened at London’s East End Boozers

100 Hours of EastEnders screened at London’s East End Boozers

This only for 10 hours. Image: BBC

Come into my pub!

A new art installation will draw drinkers to several East End pubs, showing 100 hours of scenes in EastEnders’ Queen Vic. Think of it as a really, really hardcore omnibus.

The Lock-in is the work of Stanley Schtinter, who spent his lockdown stitching together images of the infamous fictional boozer, between 1985 (when the soap started) and 1995.

The video ‘tour’ past real boozers in East London – each showing footage from a different year. (In case you were wondering, Barbara Windsor’s terrifying Peggy Mitchell first entered Albert Square in 1991, so there should be plenty of her roaring “get out of my pub!” at the locals.)

The average showing lasts 10 hours (note: you don’t have to watch everything), with the first being The Queen Adelaide in Cambridge Heath on 3 June.

Once the pub circuit is complete, the Thing’s entire 100 hours will go to the Barbican, where it will be in residence from July 1-30.

Anita Dobson, who played another legendary Queen Vic landlady, Angie Watts, has called The Lock-In “an interesting project”, while reminding us of another epic video installation – The Clock – coming to Tate Modern in 2018. came. Although that was a windy 24 hours long.

The Lock-In will be in various East London pubs from 3rd June to 1st July 2022, then daily from 1st to 30th July at the Barbican. It’s free to watch as long as you buy a drink (and frankly, if you’re planning on watching Dirty Den for 10 p.m., better make it a double).

Last updated May 24, 2022

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