11 of the Weirdest DALL-E Generated Images on the Web

Despite the existential horrors that come from the ever-expanding wealth of knowledge gained through artificial intelligence, they certainly know how to make art. And now the internet is taking full advantage of this technology to generate some epically weird images with the help of Dall-E Mini. Named after surrealist artist Salvador Dali, DALL-E uses artificial intelligence to create images based on the text you write (however weird). For example, if we typed “Elon Musk trapped in space,” the AI ​​would pull up images of the billionaire trapped eternally in the void of space (or so you might hope).

DALL-E was originally invented in 2021 by OpenAI, but the images created were often grainy, imprecise, and time-consuming to generate. However, OpenAI has significantly improved the software, resulting in DALL-E 2 – a powerful new model that performs much better. DALL-E 2 is slowly being rolled out to the public via a waitlist, but the version available to the public, DALL-E Mini, has had great results so far.

Twitter has lit up some wonderfully interesting images of Cthulhu appearing on Sesame Street to a giant lobster playing basketball† So we took it upon ourselves to find 11 of the weirdest images we could find, created by DALL-E.

“Nosferatu in Rupaul’s Drag Race”

“Darth Vader Ice Fishing”

“Jesus Christ on fire breakdance”

“The Demogorgon of Stranger Things with a Basketball”

“A bottle of ranch testifies in court”

Ronald McDonald performs open heart surgery

“Duolingo trail camera”

“Santa takes a picture in a tornado”

“Walter White in Animal Crossing”

“Thanos is looking for his mother at a Wal-mart”

“R2D2 is baptized”

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