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Welcome to the Gemini season, the time of year when we transition from the bloom of spring to the heat of summer.

The fiery sun will revolve in the sky of Gemini from May 20 to June 21. Gemini is symbolized by the Gemini and embodies communication. This air sign encourages us to connect with others, get to know the world and be curious about what else is out there.

Gemini is the third zodiac sign on the wheel, known as a mutable sign. This helps us to be flexible for what life brings us, we crave new horizons in this day and age. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the intellect, and craves excitement, spontaneity, social interaction and constant change.

Dive deep into global trends and predictions for what’s hot – and what’s not in Fashion, Music, Fitness, Hair & Finance (Cryptocurrency & NFTs!) and Beauty for Taurus Season 2022! Do not miss it! Follow me, all my favorites and everything in pop culture astrology to stay up to date!


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WHAT’S IN for women’s and men’s fashion: Nothing embodies Gemini’s social side better than a fantastic party! The first Monday of every May is the biggest fashion night of the year: The Met Gala! Gemini’s gossip, sociability and excitement set the internet on fire, chatting about some of the hottest, over-the-top, and candid looks of the night for this year’s white tie theme: ‘Gilded Glamor’.


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WHAT’S IN: Our pick for the Gemini season is “The Heart Part 5” by Kendrick Lamar.

He is a brilliantly poetic master rapper, musician, producer and songwriter! He’s back with a vengeance. He grips us with an introspective social commentary on his journey through his past, present and future. This piece is a mix of Latin Soul, Hip Hop and 70’s Funk. He writes about his personal truths, his conflicts, resolution, absolution and everything in between. “Celebrate new life when it comes back. The goal lies in the lessons we are now learning. Sacrificing personal gain above all else to see the next generation better than our own.” Amen, brother!


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WHAT’S IN: Here’s your fitness tip for the Gemini season: the Split Jump. This is a great move to get your heart rate up while developing some elasticity. Enjoying!

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Don has previously spoken to the New York Post about being a superhero trainer for megastars like Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively.

Hair trends for women

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Hair Trends for Gemini

Model: @therealrockwell Hair colored by: @vickicasciola Cut and styled by: @brandonliberati Photo credit: Gina Barbara

Hair Trends for Gemini

Model: @therealrockwell Hair colored by: @vickicasciola Cut and styled by: @brandonliberati Photo credit: Gina Barbara

WHAT’S IN: Gemini Season is all about expressing both sides of your personality and this hot hair trend will do just that! Color blocking bangs are just the fringe that your alter ego will represent. Gemini want to experience it all and by coloring your bangs a different color from the rest of your hair, you can do just that! It accentuates every face and if you’re bold enough to try this trend, why not go for any color you want, like yellow: Gemini’s favorite color!

Care and hair trends for men

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With Gemini Season bringing in your adventurous and charming side, what better way to explore a new direction and adventure than to change your daily routine! Why use the same products in your bathroom furniture? With so much Gemini curiosity and excitement, you can step up your game with a new skincare and hairstyling routine.

Skincare: Sisley Purifying Rebalancing Lotion with Tropical Resins

Serafino Says Professional Tip: Just as painting a wall without a primer won’t bond evenly, think of a toner as the base coat for your skincare routine.

To shave: V76 Clean Shave Moisturizing Gel Cream

Serafino Says Professional Tip: After shaving, rinse with cool water to reduce inflammation.

Gemini Season
The Gemini season brings spice, sex and social fun. Find your inside details on the hottest trends of the season here!

NY Post photo composite

Beard: Proraso Beard Oil

Serafino Says Professional Tip: Beard oil helps to moisturize and protect the skin under the beard.

Hair care: THE BEST PASTA.™

Serafino Says Professional Tip: Mix the shine levels and hold of your hair paste to give your hair a unique style with the same hairstyle.

Kristan Serafino has recently worked with Ryan Reynolds, Danny Devito, Sir Kenneth Branagh and Richard Gere!

Beauty and makeup

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WHAT’S IN: Stand out in this Gemini season by embracing this sign’s many corresponding birthstones, such as Tigers Eye. Personalize this stone and charming sign by using brown winged liner, subtle washes of yellow eyeshadow and finishing this eye look with a pop of lower olive liner for that spontaneity Gemini is known for.

Lizzy Polanco Gemini beauty
Hollywood make-up artist and beauty expert Lizzy Polanco brings you your ultimate Gemini look for this season!

Finance and Cryptocurrency

Follow cryptocurrency investor Amanda Maxwell.

WHAT IS IN: The world of crypto is a complex and technically heavy industry. Your inner Gemini should be making sure you use your natural curiosity and intelligence to help you through the troubling market right now. Just as we can all hide in chatty gossip… so can the crypto market in the form of stories. These stories and stories appear in every asset class and really set the stage for how people believe something will turn out.

It is very important to be able to clearly switch between what is exaggeration and what is the truth in investing. Just this month, Luna took a real plunge as it wasn’t as stable as it was intended to be, taking the entire market based purely on a misunderstanding of stable coins. As a short or long term investor it is important to always keep calm and see through the excitement!

What awaits us in crypto in the Gemini season? Amanda Maxwell gives you the inside details.
Getty Images/Westend61

Special tip: Practice this month to calm your mind when you receive new news or gossip. Within the crypto industry, it is usually best to get your news from crypto-specific outlets to avoid the confusion that can sometimes come from traditional media when it comes to technology. Some great sites to validate stories include Coindesk, The Block, Bitcoin Magazine, and Decrypt.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing.

Spare time

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Well hello Gemini season! Gemini energy is filled with spontaneity, adventure and knows no bounds when it comes to spoiling those they love. Mercury, its ruling planet, however, has just entered its retrograde phase that begs you to slow down, think, look and love inside† Treat YOURSELF to a solo self-discovery trip to Bali, Indonesia this Gemini season. Geminis get a bad turn because of the duality of its twin energy while Bali is known as both the island of the gods and the demons.

Chance? I do not think so! With almost no crime and a high expat population, you will definitely feel safe and make lots of friends from all over the world. This makes Bali the perfect destination for the virgin/rookie solo traveler. Balinese are all about living in harmony with nature and the gods. (Isn’t harmony always the vibe?) Sit back in the Business Class seat, as food and lodging are surprisingly affordable in Bali. In general, you can spend between $75 and $150 per night on a short-term luxury accommodation that includes a chef with breakfast daily and a driver!

From the coast to the jungle, there’s something for everyone, so feel free to hop around the island. There are endless picturesque beach sunsets, many world-class yoga studios, stunning, can’t-believe-it-meat plant-based restaurants, huge glistening waterfalls and delicious authentic Indonesian cooking classes. Cleanse your mind, body and soul and then return refreshed and ready to take on the next cosmic shift! Whether you feed the gods or the demons, you are sure to enjoy!

Enjoy the spice of the Gemini season! You heard it here first.

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