2022 NBA Draft Results, Takeaways: Magic Trick Experts By Taking Paolo Banchero At No. 1 And Causing Chaos

Normally there aren’t too many surprises in the NBA Draft these days, but Thursday night started with a big surprise when Orlando Magic selected Duke forward Paolo Banchero with the No. 1 overall pick. For weeks it had been expected that they would get Jabari Smith out of Auburn, and it’s still unclear whether that was all an elaborate smokescreen or if they changed their mind at the last minute.

Reportedly, The Magic Banchero never hosted a formal training session or interview in Orlando, suggesting it could be the latter.

Anyway, the Oklahoma City Thunder then, as expected, took out big man Chet Holmgren from Gonzaga, while the Houston Rockets went with Smith to round out the top-three. The Rockets probably had planned on Banchero, but Smith should still fit well as a sharp-shooting forward to pair up with Jalen Green.

Of course, no draft could be complete without the Sacramento Kings pulling something out of the box, and they took Keegan Murray with the No. 4 overall pick, despite nearly all forecasts suggesting Purdue’s Jaden Ivey was clearly the fourth-best player. Maybe they really believe in Murray, or maybe they were wary of taking a guard with their first pick for the third year in a row.

Anyway, it worked for the Detroit Pistons, who were happy to take Ivey at number 5. After getting Cade Cunningham with first pick last year, they now have the foundation for a great young backcourt.

Disappointing journey on the trade front

Leading up to draft day, we heard a lot about the possibility that many transactions with current NBA players would fail. For example, on Wednesday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who is as hooked as anyone when it comes to the NBA, said he expects a lot of trades.

“Trades are the new free agency this time of year,” he said. “Teams know their best chance to improve is not in July in free agency, but around the draft with trades. I think we’ll see a lot of it tomorrow night.”

Things didn’t quite unfold that way, though. While several choices were shuffled, as is the case every year, there were very few trades involving established NBA players. Kemba Walker was traded from the Knicks to the Pistons as part of a bigger deal, and the two sides are expected to work on a buyout that will allow Walker to become a free agent this summer. The 76ers and Grizzlies also switched players, as the Sixers sent veteran Danny Green and the No. 23 overall pick to Memphis in exchange for De’Anthony Melton.

There was also a trade that went down the day before the draft, as the Pistons traded Jerami Grant to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for a first round in 2025 (via the Milwaukee Bucks, protected Nos. 1-4) and multiple substitutions. select. Those guys aren’t chopped liver, but none of those moves can be considered landscape-changing or even significant. So it’s safe to say that the design was disappointing on the trading front.

Knicks have a busy night

The New York Knicks went into draft night with only two picks: Numbers 11 and 42. Even with the usual rumours, it looked like it was going to be an uncomplicated night. Of course, that’s not possible with this franchise, and three trades and hours of confusion later, they left with Trevor Keels (No. 42), three future first-round picks, and some extra cap space. In the first deal of the night, they sent the number 11 pick (Ousmane Dieng) to the Oklahoma City Thunder for three future firsts. Then they packed one of the first ones they got from the Thunder and four future second round picks to get the No. 13 pick (Jalen Duren) from the Charlotte Hornets. Finally, they sent Duren and Kemba Walker to the Detroit Pistons for another future first-round pick. Go here for full details of all moves, including pick guards.

It’s no secret that the Knicks’ top priority this off-season is Jalen Brunson. The left guard hits free agency and should receive a significant reward after impressing ahead of the Dallas Mavericks to the Western Conference finals. In addition to hiring his father as an assistant coach, the Knicks have also cleared enough cap space to make a competitive offer. The question is, however, whether those moves were worth trying with Brunson. If they can’t sign him, giving up a lottery to get rid of Walker’s salary won’t age well.

Knicks fans were, to little surprise, upset. Most notably, Stephen A. Smith and Spike Lee looked despondent during the ESPN broadcast.

Pistons win again on draft night

Last year, the Detroit Pistons won the lottery, selecting Cade Cunningham with the No. 1 overall pick. After a somewhat slow start to his rookie season, he turned it on and looked like the real deal as a jumbo facilitator. While the Pistons fell to number 5 in the lottery this year, they were again big winners on draft night.

First and foremost, they were lucky with Jaden Ivey at number 5. The Purdue guard was widely regarded as the clear fourth best player in his league, but the Sacramento Kings passed him at number 4 to select Keegan Murray. While Murray may become a good player, he doesn’t have the advantage of Ivey, who is an explosive athlete and has the potential to become a great goalscorer on multiple levels. In Cunningham and Ivey, the Pistons have their backcourt of the future.

Shortly afterwards, the Pistons made a trade with the New York Knicks. They sent through Milwaukee, which they acquired in the Jerami Grant deal earlier this week, a first-round 2025 roster to the Knicks in exchange for Jalen Duren and Kemba Walker. The latter is eventually bought out. Duren is another great athlete, albeit in the frontcourt where he looked dominant for Memphis at times. While still raw from a purely offensive standpoint, he’s huge, works hard and should make an immediate defensive contribution.

After years of alternating aimless rebuilding and chasing the No. 8 in the Eastern Conference, the Pistons finally feel like they have a plan and a young core in place. They still have a long way to go, but with Cunningham leading the way, the future should look bright in Detroit.

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NBA Draft Order 2022

Round 1 Selection Round 2 Selection
1. Magic

Paolo Banchero
PF | duke

31. Pacers Andrew Nembhard
PG | gonzaga
2. Thunder

Chet Holmgren
C | gonzaga

32. Magic Caleb Houston
SF | Michigan
3. Rockets

Jabari Smith
PF | maroon

33. Birds of Prey Christian Koloko
C | Arizona
4. Kings

Keegan Murray
PF | Iowa

34. Thunder Jaylin Williams
PF | Arkansas
5. Pistons

Jaden Ivey
SG | Purdue

35. Lakers* Max Christie
SG | michigan st.
6. Pacers

Benedict Mathurin
SG | Arizona

36. Trail Blazers Gabriele Procida
SF | Italy
7. Trail Blazers

Shaedon Sharpe
SG | Kentucky

37. Kings* Jaden Hardy
SG | G League Ignite
8. Pelicans

Dyson Daniels
SG | G League Ignite

38. Traces* Kennedy Chandler
PG | Tennessee
9. Traces

Jeremy Sochan
PF | Baylor

39. Cavaliers Khalifa Diop
C | Senegal
10. Wizards

Johnny Davis
SF | Wisconsin

40. Timber wolves* Bryce McGowens
SF | Nebraska
11. Kneel* Ousmane Dieng
SF | France
41. Pelicans EJ Liddell
PF | Ohio St.
12. Thunder Jalen Williams
SG | Saint Clara
42. Knicks Trevor Keels
SG | duke
13. Hornets* Jalen Duren
C | Memphis
43. Clippers Moussa Diabate
PF | Michigan
14. Cavaliers Ochai Agbajic
SG | Kansas
44. Hawks* Ryan Rollins
SG | Toledo
15. Hornets Mark Williams
C | duke
45. Hornets Josh Minott
PF | Memphis
16. Hawks AJ Griffin
SF | duke
46. ​​Pistons* Ismael Kamagate
C | France
17. Rockets Tari Eason
47. Grizzlies Vincent Williams Jr.
18. Bulls Dale Terry
SF | Arizona
48. Timber wolves* Kendall Brown
SF | Baylor
19. Timber wolves* Jake LaRavia
PF | Wake Forest
49. Cavaliers* Isaiah Mobley
20. Traces Big Branham
SF | Ohio St.
50. Timberwolves Matteo Spanish
PG | Italy
21. Gold Nuggets Christian Braun
SG | Kansas
51. Warriors* Tyrese Martin
SG | UConn
22. Grizzlies* Walker Kessler
C | maroon
52. Pelicans Karlo Matkovic
C | Serbia
23. 76ers* David Roddy
SG | Kolo. st.
53. Celtics JD Davison
PG | Alabama
24. Money MarJon Beauchamp
SF | G League Ignite
54. Wizards Yannick Nzosa
C | Congo
25. Traces Blake Wesley
SG | our lady
55. Warriors Gui Santos
SF | Brazil
26. Missiles* Wendell Moore Jr.
SF | duke
56. Cavaliers Luke Travers
SF | Australia
27. Heat Nikola Jovico
SF | Serbia
57. Trail Blazers Jabari Walker
SF | Colorado
28. Warriors Patrick Baldwin Jr.
PF | Milwaukee
58. Pacers Hugo Besson
PG | France
29. Grizzlies* Ty Ty Washington Jr.
PG | Kentucky
30. Gold Nuggets* Peyton Watson

* – choose part of reported trade

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