2022 Summer Preview: TV Shows, Movies, Books and Music of the Season

Hearing the little voice at the heart of A24s Marcel the shell with shoes on, an animated adventure with indie instincts, will make you want to sit back and pay attention. It’s the sound of an imaginative five-year-old boy, constantly in a state of show-and-tell, and thriving in confidence, but not quite there. To learn that it’s Jenny Slate voicing the voice of Marcel, a talkative conch, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise: she’s the vocal wizard who, on Kroll show, turned the screeching whining of publicists into high art. Her career as a stand-up comedian, actress and animation MVP extends to films such as Clear childzootopia and Gifted† But when we ask Slate where Marcel came from way back in 2010, she goes to some of her earliest professional successes — and setbacks. Read our interview with Slate ahead of the film’s theatrical release on June 24.

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