A ‘dining in the dark’ experience comes back to Melbourne for just one night

Aunty Kims is back with a brand new menu and hosting the concept event on July 27th.

After two successful evenings in March, Aunt Kims on Johnston Street will turn off the lights on July 27 for a special ‘dining in the dark’ experience titled Pitch Black: Dinner in the Dark. Diners enter a warmly lit room and are joined by waiters and seated before being blindfolded and plunged into total darkness to enjoy this unique culinary experience.

What you need to know

  • Pitch Black will take place at Aunty Kims, just for one night on July 27th
  • Each dining experience lasts 90 minutes and consists of a two-course meal with a drink
  • Diners can choose from three set menus with the option to pre-order drinks before entering the dark dining room

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Upon arrival, guests should hand over their phones, watches and any other possible light source before being escorted to the dining room where they are greeted in total darkness. With no visual distractions, diners will spend the 90-minute experience pampering their other senses to truly taste, smell, feel and hear their food.

There are three set menus to choose from, each with a two course meal with a drink. Dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for and additional drinks can be purchased in advance before entering the dark dining room. There is also the option to linger after dinner for a drink at the bar.

There will be 3 main courses available (meat, fish and vegetarian) and although the menu is secret, dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for. Diners can also order their favorite drinks to accompany their food before entering the dark dining room.

Each dining experience lasts 90 minutes, giving guests ample time to get comfortable in their new surroundings and enjoy a delicious two-course meal with a drink blindfolded.

This unique dining experience, shrouded in mystery and total darkness, is one you will surely remember.

Reservations for Dining in the Dark are essential. Book your tickets for this unique experience by going here.

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