A huge dragon will hatch outside Buckingham Palace

When the Queen’s birthday photos were released last month, showing Her Majesty wearing a cape between two gleaming white ponies like a magical ruler of a distant realm, there was speculation that she might have run amok with a ‘Game of Thrones’ box set, or she’d seen the (endless) reruns of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy on television.

If further confirmation were needed that the Queen was a fan of Westeros, the news seals that as part of the platinum anniversary celebrations, a giant dragon will be hatched outside Buckingham Palace and then fly to The Mall.

The huge dragon, an intricate kite-like puppet that requires 20 skilled puppeteers, is called ‘The Hatchling’ and was created by Trigger Productions. It’s bigger than a double-decker bus (though not as big as a football field, the Isle of Wight or Wales – the other standard British units of measurement). It has already spread its almighty wings (20 meters and more, almost the width of The Mall) during a test flight in Plymouth in August 2021, but will appear as part of the Jubilee Pageant on Sunday 5 June as one of a number of special events and celebrations for the extra long holiday.

Once hatched, the dragon is greeted by a dancer – a young woman with a billowing ribbon stick in hand – who will jump, dance and play with the dragon as they interact with the crowd around them. As the dragon continues its journey, “intricate kites and long, flowing ribbons will unfold at the dragon’s wings, giving a sense of flight, excitement and celebration,” according to the creators.

Rumors that Hare Maj will ride on the back of The Hatching have not been confirmed at this stage.

The Queen also gets a giant Jubilee Tree of Trees from Thomas Heatherwick.

London pubs are allowed to stay open longer on the occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee. God bless her.

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