A TikTok cottagecore picnic is taking place in Vancouver

When you see a group of spectacularly dressed women in Queen Elizabeth Park, you now know why.

Calling all cottagecore girls!

A TikTok group called @creatives.vancity is hosting another aesthetic-themed picnic where people can get together, make friends and create social media content — this time themed around spring and the wildly popular cottagecore lifestyle trend.

Scheduled for Friday, May 13 at 5pm in the rose garden of Queen Elizabeth Park (rain permitting), girls in spectacular spring and summer dresses will gather for a picnic befitting the romantic period.

The event will be rescheduled in the event of rain, but provided it’s sunny, the video announcement says to bring a blanket, your own food and snacks, and wear a spring/cottagecore dress. An earlier video recommended wearing shades of pink, yellow, orange and red to coordinate with the sunset.

Previously, the crew of five women who are part of @creatives.vancity hosted cherry blossom and princess picnics that have generated plenty of styling photos and videos for social media.

The picnic is free to attend and everyone is invited.

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