A Toronto city councilor wants you to drink in parks

A Toronto city councilor files another motion to allow Torontonians to consume alcohol in public parks and beaches.

Councilor Josh Matlow originally introduced the motion last year but was shot. Not to be deterred, he will submit the motion to the city council again this month.

The motion would allow drinking in public parks and on beaches with public toilets. If the motion is passed, alcohol consumption in parks will be restricted between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. and drinking near schools and playgrounds will be banned. The pilot project would run from May 21 to October 31.

In addition, the motion would only allow park-goers to drink beverages with a maximum alcohol content of 15%. The motion recommends a pilot project so it may not become permanent even if passed.

Matlow initially introduced the motion in an effort to allow Torontonians to have drinks with friends after pandemic closures kept them off patios. It was rejected because a number of parties were concerned about the enforcement of rules and available resources. Some councilors at the time were in favor of the motion, but wanted more consultation before it was passed.

The alderman’s motive for submitting the motion again this time remains the same.

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