‘After the Fall’ Gets New Arsenal, Free Mode & More in ‘Shock & Awe’ Update, Trailer Here – Road to VR

After Autumn (2021)the co-op zombie shooter from Vertigo Games, is getting a nice little content bump today in the ‘Shock & Awe’ update, which gives the game a new arsenal of weapons, a free deathmatch mode and a new map.

Launched earlier this year, the game’s Frontrunner season has already brought a number of updates to the game, including the Horde mode, two Horde mode maps, the Boulevard Harvest map, the ‘Skimmer’ enemy, the LMG and Revolver weapons and outfits for new players. †

The ‘Shock and Awe’ update for the Frontrunner season is now available for free on supported platforms and brings a host of new weapons into the game, including the Shockwave Power Device, Rage Booster consumable, Warhead and Tommy Gun. Like all of the game’s high-level weapons, to unlock, players must grind through levels for floppy disks.

The ‘Shock and Awe’ update also includes a new free PvP mode, where players compete against each other as hordes attack. It also includes a PvP map called “Stockpile,” a repurposed warehouse that Vertigo Games says is “all about close quarter combat and lightning-quick respawns with items scattered around the map.”

Image Courtesy of Vertigo Games

To showcase some of the action from the ongoing Frontrunner season, the studio has released a new co-op trailer, which was created using its increasingly smooth mixed reality LIV software, one of the best ways to mixing people in virtual environments. Check that below the article.

After the fall used to be Road to VRs 2021 Game of the Year in the PC VR category for good reason. A lot of cues from Valve are needed Left 4 Dead (2008), offers intense zombie shooting action in a handful of custom levels, each providing ample opportunities for exploration and surprise attacks.

As a four-player co-op, social play is a big part of After the fall atUnless you’re playing with bots – which is actually a pretty useful experience in itself – you need to keep communication clear so you can heal fellow players, report where bad guys are, and learn the ins and outs of each map. All of this maximizes your ability to accumulate points and make permanent weapon upgrades, a big reason to come back for more.

you can find After the fall on all major VR platforms, including Meta Quest 2, PSVR and PC VR.

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