Albanian convenes national cabinet meeting, states push new prime minister over health system crisis

The RACGP says GPs are increasingly choosing to charge a gap fee to patients they can afford to keep their practices viable.

The college states that the discount for 20- to 40-minute consultations should be increased from $75.75 to $83.30 and the discount for 40-minute plus consultations from $111.50 to $122.65. It also wants a new $200 discount for consultations lasting 60 minutes or more.

Acknowledging pressure on hospitals during his election campaign, Albanian pledged to “meet constructively with prime ministers and work through these issues”, but promised not to increase funding for hospitals or GPs, saying his government would be “tax responsible”.

Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk spoke to the Prime Minister shortly after Labor won the election to push for a national cabinet meeting to discuss health, after former Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to put hospital funding on the agenda at previous meetings.

A government spokesman confirmed that Albanian had asked his department to schedule a meeting of the national cabinet, which has not met since February, “in the coming weeks”.


Hazzard said NSW, along with all other states and territories, would continue to push for higher Commonwealth funding for public hospitals, starting with an extension of its agreement to pay half of pandemic-related costs that expire in September.

“All Labor and Liberal health ministers across the country would be very hopeful that the new federal government would understand the urgent need for additional funding for the public health sector,” he said.

Andrews said states and territories are “very united” in pushing for the new hospital agreement to increase the Commonwealth’s contribution to cost growth from 45 to 50 percent, a change that will add about $20.5 billion over four years from 2025. would yield.

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