Amber Heard’s ‘Aquaman’ role cut to 10 minutes as petitions to shut her down reach 2 million

AIf the evidence goes away? Amber heard as the villain of the story in her trial against Johnny Depp, fans want her to lose her career as much as it hurts Johnny Depp’s career. the ‘AquariusFranchise is arguably one of the most successful Warner Bros† currently has, it is also one of the few that surpassed $1 billion At the register.

Rumors have been circulating for years Amber heard possibly her role as Mera amid this scandal that continues to hit the news cycle. Now that people know more about it, they are convinced that she doesn’t deserve to keep playing the cartoon character. In fact, there are already fanfiction drawings of actresses Emilia Clark may assume its role in the future.

The role of Amber Heard is reduced to 10 minutes.

as the Cinema With is still ongoing, messages about the new ‘Aquarius‘ sequel started coming to all the major news outlets. Confirmation has been made that the recent showing seen by some members of the press on Thursday has only 10 minutes of screen time from Amber heard.

According to film critic’s first report Grace Randolph“This was purely a technical decision that is in no way related to the current situation with the process. However, as things escalate, everything could change in an instant for the actress. She could very well lose her part completely and be erased from the final cut of the film.

More reports of the same situation started coming in in the afternoon, as more than 2 million signatures were collected on that requirement Amber heard be completely removed from the film. We know petitions aren’t as powerful as some might think, but this could be a huge exception.

Warner Bros† has the utmost importance of getting as many moviegoers to the cinema as possible and they will do everything they can to achieve that. We’ve yet to hear what the actress tells the jury, but there’s no set date on when she’s going to take the stand. While this is happening, everything is moving Warner and transcendental decisions about her future with the company are imminent.

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