Anna Vissi visits stalactites on a visit to Melbourne and shares a candid family moment

Anna Vissi is currently touring Australia and has already swooned audiences in Adelaide and Melbourne ahead of more scheduled live shows in Brisbane and Sydney.

A few days ago, she announced on her social media that she planned to appear in every major city in Australia in the coming weeks.

The famous Greek singer revealed that she will miss her family during her absence, and that she is already looking forward to visiting Florida in the United States, where her daughter Sofia Karvela lives with her two sons.

Anna Vissi at Stalactites for lunch on May 2, 2022. Photo: Paris Synodinos

Anna Vissi will perform live in Florida and combine work and fun, but before that she shared a candid video of her grandson with her fans.

In the video, while standing in front of an Anna Vissi poster, her grandson is asked who the woman in the poster is and he replies, “My yiayia”.

“Nothing is as moving as this!” said Anna Vissi.

On the other hand, while enjoying the hospitality of Melbourne, the Greek star chose the popular Greek restaurant Stalactites for lunch.

She enjoyed the menu and even took pictures with the staff.

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