ASAP Rocky Believes Travis Scott Stole His Style

The Drink Champs podcast has scored another exclusive interview with A$AP Rocky. In the latest trailer, Rocky claims that Travis Scott stole his style.

A clip for the upcoming A$AP Rocky episode of Drink Champs, starring NORE and DJ EFN, premiered on all social media platforms on Monday (9 May). In the short trailer, it looks like the dad-to-be is finally opening up about the unspoken situation where La Flame is copying Pretty Flocko’s style.

When NORE stated that “Travis Scott stole his entire style from ASAP Rocky,” the… To test creator nodded in agreement. “Yeah,” Rocky said.

For years there have been behind-the-scenes allegations that Scott allegedly copied Rocky’s style.

In a January 2016 interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the morningRocky felt Scott was influenced by his style and he didn’t seem to mind at all. However, the Harlem rapper insisted there was no quarrel between him and Scott.

“You’ll hear from me, let shorty rock,” he said. “And let the people decide if he’s a biter or if he’s authentic. I’m not saying everyone should be allowed to take [from] whoever is going on. I’m not suggesting that. I feel like that whole situation sounds petty.”

Days later, a photo surfaced on Instagram of Rocky and Scott boarding a plane, officially crushing any rumors of a brewing beef. There’s no word on how the two rap superstars just happened to meet on an airplane.

Nevertheless, the Drink Champs episode featuring A$AP Rocky premieres this Thursday (May 12) on Revolt TV.

Watch the trailer below.

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