Best book to help you learn to play piano

Which book to help you learn to play the piano is the best?

The piano is to music what chess is to strategy games: the basics can be learned quickly, while mastery can last a lifetime. That said, it’s now more convenient and easier than ever to teach yourself how to play the piano with optimized, modern instruction books that have been tested by tens of thousands of students who want to learn the instrument at home at any age.

Damon Ferrante’s Beginner Piano Book for Adults works in tandem with a streaming video course to get you started as a pianist, while learning the classic songs you know and love. Highly rated by Rolling Stone magazine, this book is a fantastic introduction to the instrument that helps build confidence with a strong, consistent program that makes sense no matter your musical background.

Things to Know Before Buying a Book to Help You Learn to Play the Piano

reading music

Learning to read sheet music is often the biggest hurdle for people starting out playing an instrument. It’s a new language that has its own complex rules, often without any resemblance to anything you’ve learned before. However, once you become familiar with middle C and learn the basic scales, chords, and arpeggios, you’ll find that many popular songs can be played in a more simplistic way than musically notated by playing chords with the left hand while the melody is played. straight. Some beginners find it helpful to label their keyboard and write corresponding letters under their musical notes until you begin to read and play more intuitively.

Interactive learning

Piano lessons are usually taught virtually these days, as technology has made it possible for students and teachers to practice together without leaving home. In the same vein, many piano instruction books and courses include video tutorials and an online, interactive section that allows beginners who want to be self-taught, additional visual and auditory instruction for motivation and practice.

Keyboard vs Piano

If you’re just starting out, you may not be ready to invest in a piano until you’re sure you or your kids will enjoy it for a long time. A keyboard is a much cheaper alternative that works just as well as a piano, does not require tuning, and often has features such as a built-in metronome and a recording component for playback. Modern keyboards also have weighted keys, which mimic the feel of a traditional piano.

What to Look for in a Quality Book to Help You Learn to Play the Piano

Tech Tips

There are some techniques that you should master early on when you learn to play the piano. Most experts agree that the basics of piano begin with an understanding of scales. Try to develop mastery of the C major scale on the right hand first and then the left, followed by G major. This provides a comfortable level in correctly positioning hands and fingers and memorizing how the notes sound and how they feel under your fingers. It’s also a good idea to start practicing rhythm with a metronome to understand the timing of half and quarter notes. A quality music book provides the instruction needed to accomplish this and more.

Detailed instruction:

Some music books are designed to be used for professional instruction by a qualified music teacher, while others are user-friendly enough to learn at home for dedicated self-starters who have the necessary discipline. If you’ve gone down the road of teaching yourself piano, you’ll need to decide whether you’d rather use your instruction book in conjunction with online instructional videos (of which there are hundreds of thousands available) or find a virtual one. -on-1 coaching with a certified piano teacher for more detailed instruction. Many beginners find that starting a book on their own time gives them a solid foundation of understanding that increases the value of professional lessons tenfold after that. If you want to be completely self-taught, which is certainly doable, purchasing the right books and manuals will initially save you a lot of frustration and time.

Popular music

Pop and contemporary music that family and friends can sing along to is usually a little easier to play than classical music and can be a great way to practice beginner piano after learning your chords. Pop music is also often more fun to play and helps build confidence. Since you probably already know the melody of many pop songs, understanding the correct rhythm should be easier. Seeing a song in music notation that you already know will also make it easier for you to understand sheet music.

How much can you expect to spend on a book to help you learn to play the piano?

Buying an instruction book to help you learn to play the piano is a cost-effective and easy way to get started at home before investing in formal child custody. These books sell for about $10-$30 depending on what they offer and whether they have additional features.

Book to help you learn to play the piano Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really learn piano without a teacher and lessons?

A. Absolute. Learning to play the piano really only requires two things: an instrument to practice on and the motivation to see it. Like any hobby, it will be successful if you devote time to it regularly and keep trying to improve it, even when it gets frustrating. Plus, repetition is the key to muscle memory in your fingers and in your hands.

Do you have to read music to play the piano?

A. Learning to play the piano by reading sheet music is the traditional method and allows you to learn a wider repertoire of classical songs over time. However, many musicians also play their instruments by ear, which is very true of the piano. Once you are familiar with how specific notes sound and where they are located on the piano, you begin to develop a kind of musical intuition. However, it is always best to start by learning the basics from a book.

What is the best book to help you learn to play the piano?

Top book to help you learn to play the piano

“Piano Book for Adult Beginners”

What you need to know: This beloved piano instruction book comes complete with an accompanying online video course for step-by-step instruction.

What you will like: This book will help you understand the basics of playing chords and correctly placing your fingers on the keys, both of which are the foundation of learning the piano.

What to think about: When purchasing, make sure to select the physical book and not the digital one as the eBook is too difficult to read while you are actually playing the piano.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top book to help you learn to play the piano for the money

“Alfreds Basic Piano Course Lesson Book” Level 1A

“Alfreds Basic Piano Course Lesson Book” Level 1A

What you need to know: This classical piano course has been used for decades to teach beginners the basics of learning to play the piano at a truly unbeatable price.

What you will like: The proven methods are guaranteed to provide a solid foundation for understanding the instrument.

What to think about: The best use of this piano instruction book is in conjunction with formal lessons.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth watching

“Accelerated Piano Adventures” for the older beginner

What you need to know: This book is an excellent introduction for adults who want to teach themselves piano at home and older children who are receiving formal lessons.

What you will like: This book includes finger placement, chords, visual instruction, and some music theory, making it a standard by which other piano instruction manuals for beginners are measured.

What to think about: A very small number of reviewers receive a damaged copy due to shipping issues.

Where to buy: Amazon

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