Bhagyashree shares three effective exercises to build a ‘tight core’

Having a tight and strong core is essential as it is responsible for the stability and flexibility of the body. In fact, it is only with a strong core that one can make progress in their fitness journey. Actor Bhagyashree Dassani, a hardcore fitness enthusiast, also stressed the need to work the core muscles.

“Being smart and being strong are two different things. I’d rather be strong. So no restrictive diets for me. For me, having a tight core is more important than a flat bellyso that’s what I’m working towards,” she said as part of her #TuesdayTip series on Instagram.

According to the actor, a tight core also helps with balance and coordination. “A strong core keeps your spinal alignment intact,” she said.

She also demonstrated three effective exercises that can help.

toe touches

Get into Downward Dog pose and touch your toes. Each time you touch your toes, exhale while keeping your back straight.


High shelves are really effective. You can do it with weights for added challenge and increased intensity.

sit ups

Make sure to exhale as you come up. Do it with weights for more intensity.

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