Boris Johnson receives 37-page report with photos of him, Rishi Sunak and Simon Case

George Eustice, the environment minister, is on the media round for the government this morning.

He said he doesn’t believe “anything new will come out” of the Sue Gray report, as he argued that many of the details about the partygate scandal are already in the public domain.

He told Times Radio: “I will of course look at the report as everyone else will because it is important that we understand what is being published there, but it is also the case that the Prime Minister has given a fairly complete account of his understanding of this events .

“The police have been investigating all these events, they have issued a fixed fine to the Prime Minister for one of those events that he attended, he has paid that fine, he has apologized, he acknowledges how people will feel and how angry they will be. they feel about these events and he has leveled with the public about it.

“I’m not sure if anything new will come out of this report other than further details, but of course we’ll look into it.”

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