Boy from Perth left alone on school bus for almost five hours

A Perth boy who was given access to educational support at a suburban high school was left unattended on a bus near the depot for nearly five hours on Wednesday.

The Horizons West school bus returned to its depot at 9:00 AM, where the 7th grade student remained on board the bus alone until 1:40 PM.

Perth’s Public Transport Authority (PTA) said the boy, who is going to the Leeming SHS Education Support Center, had food and water while inside the parked vehicle.

He was reportedly found as the bus driver returned to the vehicle to begin his afternoon pick-up route.

In a statement, the PTA said it had strict rules regarding the operation of its school bus service, requiring the driver to search the bus at the end of each trip.

The PTA is investigating the incident but said it was clear the requirements were not being met.

A bus driver and a bus employee have resigned until further notice.

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