Bron Breakker Defends Title Against Joe Gacy NXT in Your House

Bron Breakker controlled his temper, but Joe Gacy’s mind games nearly cost the champ his title at NXT In Your House. Breakker was all about getting started in the main event of the premiere live event as he was the first contestant to come out before the match and that included the pomp of him breaking through a wall. Gacy, on the other hand, was all about manipulation even before he made his way to the square circle. The challenger took all the time he wished to reach the ring, while the challenger began a game plan to play as Breakker.

Gacy was methodical in his attacks and had underhanded strategy going into the game. One of the key spots was a hooded druid of Gacy’s hopping on the platform. As this continued, Gacy threw a chair at Breakker, who caught him and Gacy pulled a trick from Eddie Guerrero’s book as if hitting him. The referee turned to see the supposed outcome, but just as he called for the bell, another official stopped him. The match went on and Gacy found himself hurtling through the commentary table.

Not long after, Breakker’s mood almost seemed to take over as he had a steel chair in his hand. Gacy begged Breakker to hit him with it, but the champ gave up the chair and this led to a low blow from Gacy. The finish finally came when Breakker smashed a druid with a chair, turned and Gacy caught the hand with a spear halfway through. Breakker then hit his gorilla press power slam for the emphatic 1-2-3.

Breakker already beat Joe Gacy back at NXT Spring Breakin’, but it was Gacy who kept poking the Breakker bear by carrying the champ away on a stretcher. wrestling inc. Editor-in-chief Nick Hausman interviewed Joe Gacy early this week to talk about his title fight.

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