Bundoora soil project receives funding

Cirque du Soil in Bundoora is one of six projects sharing $1.6 million through the state government’s Recycling Victoria Research and Development Fund to increase the value of recycled organics and support agriculture.

Secretary of Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio announced $3.6 million to help use household yard waste and food scraps in Victoria’s farms, parks and gardens.

This project aims to develop fertilizer products derived from food waste discharged from landfill through rigorous soil and plant testing.

Cirque du Soil founder and director Jean Darling said the news of the funding was “very exciting”.

“We’ve only just figured out who the other grant recipients are, so we’re a small start-up between a lot of big companies, with the big guys, so it’s actually a really nice feeling,” said Ms. Darling.

The social enterprise will spend the money on their product innovation.

“We hope this can become more than a bag of earth

“We hope to turn this into something that could disrupt building materials… and we will try to commercialize this product in Bunnings if possible.”

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