Cat caught on camera trying to hack Treat machine has internet in stitches

A video of a cat desperately trying to get his hands on some extra treats has swept the internet after it gained viral attention on Reddit.

User u/GoobyTron420 shared the adorable images of Egyptian Mau cat Gizmo — full name Gilbo Baggins — on Wednesday on the popular r/cats forum. The cat’s antics have since received more than 36,000 votes on Reddit from avid viewers.

Angry cat and home camera
A cat looking grumpy, left, and a photo from a wireless camera in the house, right. A cat caught hacking into an automatic candy dispenser has left the internet.
Nadya So/PORNCHAI SODA/Getty Images

Filmed on a pet video device that also has the ability to create treats — a feature controlled by the owner — Gizmo can be seen patting the camera and trying to get him to release a treat.

“Please watch a video of my cute boy Gizmo trying to get a snack from the cat’s camera because he can make treats,” the cat’s owner said in the caption.

Designed to keep an eye on your pets even when you can’t be with them at home, pet cameras have gained popularity in recent years. Like security cameras, they’re often designed with pet-friendly extras like a speakerphone so you can chat with your furry friend and – as is the case here – the ability to feed your pet a treat anywhere.

There are several versions on the market that cost around $100 on average. Pet site Paw Shake says, “A pet camera is a very useful tool for monitoring your pet’s behavior when you are away, even if a sitter is watching your pet.” They’re also a great way to capture moments you might otherwise miss, like Gizmo’s quest for treats.

In stitches with the cat’s antics, Reddit users took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Looks like he’s at the ATM…and forgot his PIN,” one Redditor joked. Another commenter said, “He seems very dedicated to his job.”

“This is so cute and totally reminds me of our cat who is never late for dinner,” wrote another user.

“Cats are skilled hackers,” shared another viewer of the video. “Mine have come up with countless ways to hack the automatic feeders.”

Other eagle-eyed viewers saw a second cat in the footage. The 18-year-old cat behind it sits on the couch behind Gizmo and watches patiently: “He’s got a lookout, just in case,” one Redditor joked. Another said: “I like to think that’s the partner in crime.”

Another viewer of the viral video stood up for Gizmo, saying, “Please give him a treat on behalf of the internet.” In a later response, u/GoobyTron420 reassured commentators that Gizmo was spoiled and sure enough.

news week has reached out to you/GoobyTron420 for comment.

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