Catalysts stolen from fleet at Canton non-profit organization

CANTON, Ohio (WJW) — The catalytic converters were stolen from a vehicle fleet at StarkFresh, a Canton-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger.

Canton Police were called to the facility on Cherry Avenue NE Monday morning. According to the police report, the suspects damaged property and cut three catalytic converters from vehicles.

This prevented StarkFresh from running its mobile grocery market. The supermarket remains open from Monday to Friday.

“We’ve had time to process it emotionally, we’ve spent time with the police and our neighbors searching for hours of combined CCTV footage for additional evidence, we’ve repaired our cut fence and are in the process of replacing very expensive exhaust parts on our entire fleet,” the nonprofit said on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

“These are all things that can be replaced and while it’s frustrating and frankly makes us a little angry, a crime like this really affects the nearly 100 people who depend on the Mobile Grocery Market’s weekly grocery delivery services around the world. ” Stark County, which will be hungry for the week because of this act while we wait for parts and repairs. They are the real victims in this situation.”

StarkFresh launched a fundraiser to cover repair costs.

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