Businessman Renato ‘Rennie’ De Maria distributed an intimate photo of ex-wife under ASIC investigation

Businessman Renato “Rennie” De Maria is more used to private jets, high-performance sports cars and regular vacations on the Italian Riviera, having established an insurance brokerage empire 25 years ago. But the 54-year-old, who is currently under investigation by the corporate regulator, appeared before the Mansfield Magistrates’ Court last week, where he pleaded guilty to … Read more

Interest rates Australia: how the rise in spot interest rates won’t affect inflation

Interest rates are set to continue rising, but there is a worrying sign that it will not be enough to save the Australian economy. When it comes to the world of economics and finance, the difference between different short-term forecasts for different data points is generally relatively small, which was until the pandemic. Since then, … Read more

Election result marks a new dawn of integrity

This election result, with its resounding confirmation of independent candidates, is a confirmation of progressive politics (“A New Dawn: Labor to Form Government After Teal Appeals Libs,” May 22). It highlights the importance of not only who makes up our federal parliament, but whose voice is heard within and how its members work together with … Read more

Anger over nationalist Indian MP Tejasvi Surya attending youth conference in Australia

The Sunday Era tried to reach Surya for comment. Loading The controversy comes amid mounting tensions fueled by hate speech in India, with right-wing groups increasingly promoting a Hindu view of India that relegates minorities, such as Muslims, to second-class citizens. Political leaders have been accused of tacitly condoning hate speech by remaining silent. The … Read more