Philosophers on the Internet | Daily Nous

In today’s ironic report, Justin Weinberg, editor of Daily Nous, who announced just days ago that he was taking a break from the website, has returned to posting mostly about philosophers on the internet. Hello people. I had a great time earlier this month discussing philosophy and philosophers on the web with Leigh Johnson, Richard … Read more

TriLite and Dispelix Announce Collaboration on Ultra-Compact Projection Screen for AR Glasses

In Augmented Reality News May 27, 2022 – TriLitea developer of ultra-compact projection screens, this week announced a partnership with Dispelix, a supplier of see-through waveguides for wearables, to create an ultra-compact display system for augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. The system combines TriLite’s Trixel 3 laser beam scanner (LBS) with Dispelix’ advanced waveguides. For … Read more

The Key Technologies Powering the Metaverse

The latest development of the Metaverse has been enabled by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), AR, VR, 3D modeling, and spatial and edge computing. Artificial intelligence AI combined with Metaverse technology ensures the stability of the Metaverse infrastructure while providing actionable information for the top layers. NVIDIA technologies are … Read more