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Using AI solutions to help clinicians and physicians seek early cancer detection through software

WSK Medical is an innovative software company focused solely on developing advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to help clinicians and physicians seek early cancer detection. The company strives to create the most advanced, flexible AI technologies to improve cancer care for patients.

AI solutions for early cancer detection

WSK Medical’s mission is to bridge the gap between the medical community and AI research by developing easy-to-use, workflow-integrated, clinically valuable AI solutions for early cancer detection. It’s time to take AI out of the research domain and bring it into the general clinical environment. WSK Medical does this by translating complex medical problems into solutions that help doctors and clinicians in their daily work.

WSK Medical is currently developing AI solutions for pathology and throat-nose-and-throat oncology. In the Netherlands, the company works in both medical specialties with two renowned institutions (Radboud University Medical Center & Netherlands Cancer Institute / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital).

Double the power = double the success

WSK Medical was founded by Derick Montaque (CEO/CTO) and Marius Wellenstein (COO). Derick leads the development team and oversees WSK Medical’s strategy, while Marius is responsible for business development and day-to-day operations. They met in 2018 and decided to found WSK Medical as they both saw many opportunities to innovate the healthcare sector using AI.

Their shared goal was to develop AI solutions that helped doctors and clinicians in their day-to-day work without replacing them. Both Derick and Marius believe in human-machine collaboration to add value to cancer care and potentially save lives.

AI solutions
This photo demonstrates Zeno AI detection and ‘Anomaly’ and Carcinoma during a laryngoscopy.

Zeno Pathology, AI solution for digital pathology

Zeno Pathology, WSK Medical CE certified AI digital pathology solution, is now available in the European market and starting to build traction. Zeno Pathology provides users with a fully automated AI analysis pipeline that performs image analysis of whole slides as a background task. It can be integrated into your existing workflow to achieve seamless integration with all relevant clinical/administrative systems, improving your overall workflow for H&E and IHC analysis.

Zeno Pathology is a flexible system that can be configured with the following modules: Mitosis Counting based on Nottingham Grading, (H&E); Nuclear detection & heatmap of tumor probability (H&E), TIL detection (H&E), ER/PR detection (IHC), HER2 detection (IHC) and Ki-67 detection (IHC).

Zeno AI, throat cancer detection

Zeno AI, WSK Medicals AI Throat Cancer Detection Solution for ENT Surgeons (currently under MDR CE certification evaluation) focuses on detecting certain types of throat cancer to assist ENT surgeons in outpatient endoscopic examinations.

Identifying and classifying (pre)malignant laryngeal tumors can be difficult for an ENT surgeon. The expertise of head and neck surgeons is crucial to detect head and neck tumors at an early stage. The problem with detecting throat cancer is that when in doubt, ENT doctors must call on the head and neck surgeon for further investigation. Head and neck surgeons are a finite resource in the Netherlands, as they are typically found in academic hospitals. This can be a problem when a non-teaching hospital needs a specialist head and neck surgeon.

By assisting the physician in choosing whether or not to perform an invasive procedure (ie, biopsy under general anesthesia), patients can be spared the potentially unnecessary surgical procedure and associated general anesthesia. In addition, earlier detection of malignancy results in a faster time to diagnosis and time to treatment, with a significant impact on survival. The current waiting times in the Netherlands are 2 to 3 weeks.

What Zeno AI Offers

Zeno AI provides users with a ready-to-use, rapid AI analysis platform to aid in the early detection of throat cancer during a laryngoscopy (endoscopic examination of the larynx). Zeno AI supports integration into your existing clinical workflow, reducing the time to analyze complex medical data, reducing potential delays and improving patient care. This means that using Zeno AI can reduce the time to diagnosis from weeks on the same day. A faster diagnosis of throat cancer can reduce healthcare costs and enable a faster care plan for patients.

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