Chelsea vs. Liverpool Score: FA Cup Live Penalty Updates at Wembley Stadium

The race for the quadruple room has begun as Liverpool and Chelsea have taken penalties in the FA Cup final. The Reds already won the EFL Cup on penalties against Chelsea in February, but the Blues will want revenge. It came down to the goalkeepers in that match and Alisson scored his penalty deep in the penalty shootout, while Kepa Arrizabalaga drove him deep into Wembley night after being signed for Edouard Mendy towards the end of the game.

Given the dramatic nature of their first final and the fact that we could see almost the same line-ups this time around, this could turn out to be a close affair, especially as Liverpool’s focus spans multiple fronts. Can Thomas Tuchel take revenge?

Follow along as CBS Sports will provide updates throughout the game, from the lead-up to the post-game analysis.

FA Cup Final: Chelsea 0, Liverpool 0

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