Chris Hemsworth’s New Workout ‘Increases Intensity’ With Supersets

Chris Hemsworth regularly posts his workouts on Instagram, showing off the inordinate amount of muscle he picked up for the upcoming Marvel sequel Thor: Love and Thunder in a one-two punch of thirst trap and fitspo content. But in addition to the physically grueling boxing and sled workouts, Hemsworth also shares more accessible routines from his Centr health and fitness app, from beginner bodyweight workouts to more challenging upper-body programs.

He just shared another full workout on Instagram, demonstrating every move alongside his trainer, Centr fitness coach Luke Zocchi, and his stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton, who spent most of last year trying to match the actor’s divine winnings. to hold while filming love and thunder

This routine consists of five supersets, each consisting of a dumbbell exercise and a bodyweight move, to “step up the intensity”:

  • dumbbell floor press (12 reps) and pushups (8 reps)
  • dumbbell double squats (10 reps) and air squats (8 reps)
  • skull crushers (12 reps) and triceps pushups (5 reps)
  • reverse lunge to curl (12 reps) and jump lunges (8 reps)
  • dumbbell deadlift (12 reps) and burpees (8 reps)

    Rest for 20 seconds between each superset and perform the entire circuit a total of 4 times.

    One benefit of doing supersets is that it keeps your heart rate up and helps burn fat. Another more practical benefit is that it reduces the time you spend on a workout. So whether you’re Chris Hemsworth himself with a busy movie star’s busy schedule, or just a regular guy just trying to fit in a quick session after work, combining your exercises can be a useful tactic.

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