Colorado Art Weekend kicks off with Park Hill Art Festival

DENVER – This weekend marks the beginning of Colorado Art Weekend, a collection of art shows that takes place over several weekends over the Labor Day weekend.

First up is the 9th annual Park Hill Art Festival, which features 90 professional artists from across the Rocky Mountain region.

“We specialize in face-mounted acrylics,” says photographer Randy Koepsell. “We use a pearlescent metallic print medium.”

Koepsell’s photographs are almost like paintings, and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay in a gallery.

His work and the work of other artists, craftsmen and dressmakers will be on display and for sale during the Park Hill Art Festival this weekend.

“I’ll be working live, so I’ll be demonstrating some artwork that I’ll be working on,” said Judith Dickinson, a commissioned portrait painter who even painted the governor. “And then I do western paintings and then my husband and I work in Africa, so I also paint the Africans.”

Clothing and other goods will also be on display at the festival.

“We do everything recycled and we make it right here in Colorado,” said Autumn Teneyl.

Her clothing line is unique.

“I’m going to Los Angeles and I’m digging through [trash]’ said Teneyl. “This is where major manufacturers dump huge amounts of dust from overproduction. And then we take it back to Colorado, and we cut and sew here.”

Now almost ten years old, the festival will be here this Saturday and Sunday, with something for everyone.

“I do things that are athletic and that you can wear out and that you can travel in,” Teneyl said. “I feel like it’s a woman who’s ready for some change in her life, and she could be 15 or 80 — and that’s real.”

“This one is from the Tetons,” Koepsell said of another photo. “It’s an alpenglow sky known as the Belt of Venus. It’s pre-visual light. It’s very rare. I’ve only seen it twice.”

“We just had a great year last year, so we decided to come back,” said Dickinson.

The show will be presented again on the grounds of the Park Hill Masonic Lodge on Montview Boulevard between Dahlia and Eudora streets.

This one will run on Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June from 10.00 to 17.00

Next in the art series is the Evergreen Mountain Art Celebration, taking place on June 25 and 26.

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