Dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne reveals which ‘health food’ products to avoid in the supermarket

When looking for “healthier” options at the grocery store, many of us probably turn to “healthy foods,” but as this dietitian explains, sometimes that isn’t the best choice.

Rebecca Gawthorne, known as Naturally fed on Instagram, shared some of the popular products she would and wouldn’t buy.

“What Healthy Food Aisle Products Would a Dietitian Buy?” she captioned the video (which you can watch above).

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dietician Rebecca Gawthorne, better known as Nourished Naturally
Rebecca Gawthorne is better known on Instagram as Nourished Naturally. (Instagram)

Sugar-free chocolate chip cookies may sound like a great choice if you have a sweet tooth, but Rebecca says they’re “no of mine.”

“These are too heavily processed for my taste and I would much rather enjoy a regular cookie without all the additives,” she adds.

Virgin coconut oil is another popular “health food” Rebecca says to avoid.

“This is an overhyped heather product that is high in saturated fats, and I prefer to buy other oils as my primary cooking oil,” she says.

“I wouldn’t buy this regularly.”

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Rebecca Gawthorne, better known as Nourished Naturally supermarket health foods to buy and avoid
Sugar-free cookies and virgin coconut oil are two popular products Rebecca avoids. (Instagram)

Toasted pumpkin seeds made the list of items she would add to her cart.

“These are rich in healthy fats and a good source of nutrients like magnesium and zinc. I would definitely buy these,” she says.

She would also “definitely” buy the dry roasted mixed nuts.

“These are an excellent source of healthy fats, contain vegetable proteins and minerals such as iron,” notes Rebecca.

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Rebecca Gawthorne, better known as Nourished Naturally supermarket health foods to buy and avoid
She was a big fan of pumpkin seeds and dry roasted nuts. (Instagram)

The video was praised by her followers and got almost 1,500 likes.

“Thank you for this clear information,” said one person.

“Guilty for buying those cookies. Thanks,” another admitted.

While a third said: “I love this. You always believe this is the ‘healthy’ aisle until you are guided by someone like yourself with your knowledge of nutrition.”

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