Dinosaur docuseries Prehistoric Planet arrives on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ premiered its new docuseries Prehistoric Planet today. Prehistoric Planet combines big-budget CGI with the latest scientific knowledge about dinosaurs to bring an all-new five-part series.

In the style of Planet Earth and similar wildlife documentaries, David Attenborough narrates the behavior of these stunning Cretaceous species as if they were actually being filmed.

Apple TV+ is releasing the show as a five-night documentary, meaning one episode will be released every day this week.

Each episode focuses on a different biome, from deserts to underwater to forestland. Prehistoric Planet offers a wide variety of dinosaur species, from the classic T-rex and Triceratops to lesser-known creatures such as the Deinocheirus and Pachyrhinosaurus.

Prehistoric Planet explores how these animals live, from hunting to food to finding a mate. There is much less emphasis on fighting compared to the depiction of dinosaurs in typical Hollywood content. These stories are brought to life using stunning visual effects and cinematography of the natural world.

Here’s a clip from one of the episodes:

Prehistoric Planet was commissioned by Apple in 2019 and has been produced over three years by the BBC Natural History Unit and executive produced by Jon Favreau. David Attenborough tells the whole story and Hans Zimmer provides the score. Each episode on TV+ has an accompanying bonus content featurette that provides a little more detail about the speculative fiction and hard science behind what is depicted on screen.

Prehistoric Planet joins the growing roster of premium Apple Original TV shows and movies available on Apple’s streaming service.

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