Dog’s hilarious reaction to getting beat up by New Puppy Delights Internet

An older dog’s weary gaze at the play-fighting antics of his young puppy brother has spread delights across the internet.

Briggs, who is a Pit Bull Labrador mix, has been praised on TikTok for showing utter patience in the face of playful provocation from a little pug named Gus.

A video shared online by their owner, posted as goth_pack, shows Gus going into town on Briggs and scratching the older dog’s chest.

Briggs, for his part, does little to intervene, seemingly happy to sit there and let his young canine companion tire himself out. The hilarious images can be viewed here.

Older dogs like Briggs need routine and consistency in their lives so the arrival of a younger dog can be disruptive if not handled correctly.

dr. Jerry Klein, Chief Veterinary Officer of the American Kennel Club, has said that a pet owner can take some simple steps to ensure a smooth transition to a shared household.

“Focus your attention on your older dog before greeting your younger dog,” he wrote.
“Feed your senior dog first. Put the leash on your senior dog first.” dr. Klein notes, “These little gestures can make a huge difference in your senior dog’s attitude.”

In the case of Briggs and Gus, the transition has been very smooth. Gus has grown significantly since this video was shot and the couple are enjoying a happy life with their owner in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Still, as the viral video shows, Briggs had to endure his share of the sentence during Gus’ first weeks and months in the family home.

Apparently the puppy liked nothing more than to give his dog a good scratch on the chest. Whether Briggs appreciated that or not is unclear, but his expression throughout the clip certainly makes for amusing viewing.

“When you were the only dog, but your mom decides to get a nasty puppy,” the caption reads. Briggs’ face is quite a sight, with the older dog wearing a quiet resignation over his chops as Gus scratches away.

At one point, he even seems to glance at his owner, as if to say, “Can you do something about this?” The hilarity of his apparent reaction was not lost among animal lovers on social media.

Easyeisthegoat thought it was a look that said “mama help mama” while Chloe Mila imagined it saying “you’re really not going to do anything about this?” Ggveminii, meanwhile, thought he was saying, “Look what you’ve brought into this house” with lollok.1 imagining Briggs would tell them, “Get him before I do.”

Others were quick to praise his composure in such difficult circumstances. “Such a trooper,” Ashley Denise said. Brandie Jones820 was similarly impressed with “the patience” he showed.

FortuneCoochie agreed, writing, “However, this dog has so much patience. My dog ​​would have sent this puppy to the 5th dimension” with Kurt33Kurt33Kurt momentarily impressed: “he’s so chill.” Maddie Barnes, meanwhile, wondered, “Maybe he’s enjoying the belly scratches.”

news week has contacted goth_pack for comment.

A dog is chewed by a puppy.
Stock image of a dog being chewed by a puppy – footage of a young puppy terrorizing his older sibling proves there’s plenty of laughter on social media.
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