Doug Tynan joins high-end route from Woollahra to Centennial Park

Fund manager Doug Tynan has been busy lately, not only recruiting for his new investment outfit GCQ Funds Management, but also trading real estate in his eastern suburbs.

Former VGI co-founder Robert Luciano follows the well-traveled trail from Woollahra to Centennial Park, where well-placed sources say he was the recent purchaser of the Lactura mansion for more than $20 million.

The Lactura mansion in Centennial Park has nearly doubled in price since 2017.

The Lactura mansion in Centennial Park has nearly doubled in price since 2017.

This is the Federation house that has long been the home of the late media titan David Leckie and his widow Skye Leckie, until they sold it to rag trader Nick Kelly in 2017 for $10.5 million when it was reduced to $17 million in digs in Woollahra.

The Agency’s Ben Collier has yet to confirm Tynan’s purchase, or even the notorious $20.5 million sales figure widely expected to match his sales result from just a few weeks earlier for another large Lang Road mansion.

That Luigi Rosselli redesigned home was sold by retired Colonel Andrew MacNab to Aussie Home Loan heiress Deborah Symond O’Neil and her husband Ned O’Neil.

Doug Tynan trades Woollahra for Centennial Park.

Doug Tynan trades Woollahra for Centennial Park.Credit:Brook Mitchell

Tynan has been a resident of Woollahra since 2015, when his wife Charlene bought their Victorian-era home for $6.15 million from London-based HSBC wealth manager Annabel Spring and Macquarie director Peter Stokes.

At the time, Spring and Stokes were also upgrading to Centennial Park, paying $11.9 million for the Meagher family’s long-standing home, which, if they ever return from London, will make them a neighbor to Tynan.

Meanwhile, Kelly and his partner, TV producer Madeleine Kennard, head to Rose Bay, where in February he bought the nearly $30 million beachfront home of the late York Motors chief David Shmith.

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