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It’s been two years since HBO’s Season 3 west world closed and fans have been eagerly awaiting new stories. Co-creator Lisa Joy made a special appearance at the ATX Festival on Saturday night, alongside writer Alison Schapker and stars Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth, Angela Sarafyan and Aurora Perrineau.

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Joy confirmed that Wood’s character Dolores is dead, as was revealed in the Season 3 finale, and the actress will play someone new when the show premieres on June 26. Her name is Christina and she comes from a city similar to New York. She lives there with her roommate, played by Ariana DeBose, who may or may not be in love with Christina.

“Dolores” is dead. But I really like Evan and she’s clinging a bit too, so I had to bring her back. We’re writing a whole new character for her,” said Joy.

Wood added: “She’s a normal woman who lives in a big city and is just trying to make it as a writer. Nothing ever happens to her, really nothing. I guess that’s all I can say… I was told that Dolores met her rather tragic ending in season 3 so I had some convos with [co-creator] Jonathan [Nolan] and Lisa at the time about what that meant. They said, ‘Yeah, you’ll be back this season and you’ll look a lot like Evan Rachel Wood, but I’m not me.’

One thing that is certain is that Christina will start dating and she will date a man who looks like James Marsden, who will return for season 4. The Austin-based actor, who played Teddy in seasons 1 and 2 of west worldsurprised the audience halfway through the panel.

“Sometimes you have to leave to come back,” Marsden said. “We learn to talk cryptically in this show. This has been 7 years of our show and yes it’s great to be a part of it and see where the story goes. I didn’t know where it was all going from the start, but I’m happy to see it now.”

As for where Bernard van Wright will be when the series finally returns, the actor was equally mysterious with his response.

“It’s all a rabbit hole in a rabbit hole and Bernard goes back to Alice,” he said. “Ultimately, I think for the audience and for me, as well as for him — which is just the meta side of our show — it’s a mystery of where he is and where he’s going. And if he did show up, where would he then be if he did. Lots of unknowns and lots of dust and mystery. That’s it. Pretty much my life.”

Audiences at the historic Paramount Theater saw an extended exclusive clip that featured power duo Bernard and Stubbs at a dinner party where they encountered Perrineau’s character, part of a mysterious group Bernard wants to become acquainted with.

“I got a scene to audition and I didn’t know what it was about. Every time I got a script it was a surprise to see who I was. It’s definitely a surprise that’s very interesting,” Perrineau said.

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