Ex-special forces invade to evict squatters from London premises | UK | News

The masked, black-clad squadron dove from the roof of Bloomsbury House to block the windows and prevent occupiers from reaching the roof balconies as bailiffs entered through the front door.

Yesterday’s dramatic dawn scenes in central London reminded onlookers how SAS heroes ended the 1980 siege of the nearby Iranian embassy.

The group of ex-servicemen and emergency services experts works for Specialist Group International.

The Dorking-based company is being used to remove protesters, often from tight quarters such as oil rigs and tunnels.

With £3 million worth of equipment, including helicopter, specialist transport, the company is run by Peter Faulding, 59, who said the operation was “safe”.

The veteran of the Parachute Regiment, from Sussex, said his group’s operations are aimed at respectful relocations, but bailiffs found the listed building had been “destroyed”.

Mr Faulding added: “We have always built a good relationship with protesters. In all the incidents we have covered, we have never had an accident or aggression.

“These people in this building were squatters, so it was a different approach, but despite it being a ‘raid’, we try to be friendly and respectful. It was probably a bit like the siege. But as with anything military , it’s all about security.”

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