False alarm: Glendale ‘evacuation alert’ sent to LA County cell phones was a drill, officials say

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) — A Glendale “public safety alert” sent Saturday morning to cell phones and other mobile devices in Los Angeles and Ventura counties was part of a drill, officials said.

The report, sent shortly after 9 a.m., urged Chevy Chase Canyon residents to “evacuate your home safely and proceed to the evacuation site” at Glendale Community College.

Minutes later, the city of Glendale tweeted, “THIS IS A DRILL: #MyGlendale is conducting an evacuation drill in Chevy Chase Canyon.”

Many people unnerved by the warning took to social media — first to voice their alarm, followed by bewilderment or annoyance.

“Everyone in LA is googling where Chevy Chase Canyon is now,” Marissa Monticolo tweeted.

“How stupid!” Diana Abraham said on Facebook. “It must have shocked the people in that area incredibly.”

About 30 minutes after the initial report, a follow-up was sent that read, “Ignore the evacuation message for Chevy Chase Canyon. Training exercise only.”

DEVELOPMENT: More details will be added to this report as they become available.

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