First H125 Virtual Reality Flight Training Device Level 3 Qualified

Approved by Airbus Helicopters, this training device allows pilots to fly and feel the H125 with a level of fidelity very close to the real helicopter in all phases of flight and during emergency situations. The simulator will be used for pilot training and monitoring and will provide training credits.

Fabi Riesen, CEO of VRM Switzerland, commented: “VRM Switzerland has further improved its VR technology that first qualified for another aircraft in 2021. New is the ordinary tablet with saved checklists and other documents that is fully integrated in the virtual world. This allows the pilot to operate a real tablet in VR for the first time.”

Francesco Gaetani, Acting Head of Air Crew & Medical Department at EASA, added: “EASA has carefully researched the possibilities and effects of this combination of VR and motion systems for helicopter training. EASA is convinced that such new technologies will bring added value to training organizations in the areas of cost and flight safety.”

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