Footscray fun on the go

By Matthew Sims

Color, comedy and creative fun will soon take over the Nicholson Street Mall in Footscray, as part of the Junction Footscray event.

Featuring local artists, performers and organizations, the Color Box Studio event will feature a range of entertainment including video projects, craft workshops, comedy performances and a hot chocolate stall from 4pm to 10pm on Saturday, July 9.

Color Box Studio director Amie Batalibasi said the event will mark a return from a long hiatus due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

“There is no other place where we would rather showcase the vibrancy and richness of our creative community,” she said.

“It’s an honor to partner with the local organizations, merchants and artists we have onboard for Junction Footscray.”

The mall will also offer a roving comedy tour from 5-6pm from Footscray Comedy Club.

Footscray Comedy Club founder and comedian Jameel Rehman said the event will focus on diversity and inclusion, connecting people through joy and laughter.

Multidisciplinary local artist Tab Sejoe gives quick workshops from 4-6pm.

“After what has been a rough few years for all of us, coming together in a party with music, food and art feels like what we’ve all longed for,” she said.

“I hope to share in that spirit by bringing some color and fun to the creative workshop.”

The Maribyrnong-based artist-run initiative Trocadero Projects brings light and art to Nicholson Street Mall through projections and video activations by local and emerging artists.

Visitors who want to dance the night away will also have the chance to participate in the ‘Staying Alive!’ dance floor installation at the Nicholson Street Rail Bridge from 4pm to 10pm.


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