Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison Finally Leaves Kirribilli House

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally left Kirribilli House nearly two weeks after losing the election.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally left Kirribilli House just two weeks since his election loss and was branded “Squat Morrison”.

On Friday, moving vans were spotted arriving at the taxpayer-funded harborside mansion.

Mr Morrison, his wife Jenny and their two daughters are moving back to their Port Hacking home in the Shire after some minor renovations, including a new paint job.

The property, which includes a swimming pool, was purchased in July 2009 for $920,000 and is now reportedly worth an estimated $3 million.

Morrison, who is now a backbencher, was later seen on Friday at his family’s home, sitting on a recliner.

There was also a moving van in the driveway.

Mr Morrison is reportedly planning to take some time off during the school holidays.

On May 22 – the day after the election – Morrison wrote a long post on social media.

“I now look forward to returning to the Shire, continuing to serve my family and my local community,” he said.

But since then, many people have taken to social media to criticize his delay in leaving the Lodge.

“Late to put out fires. Too late with vaccines. Late with flood relief. Late in the Solomon Islands. Late to leave Kirribilli. #SquatMorrison,” one person wrote.

However, it is clear that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told Morrison there was no rush to leave Kirribilli.

Mr Albanese has stayed in his $2.5 million home since his emphatic election victory.

Only John Howard stayed longer in Kirribilli House after his election loss in 2007, staying in the mansion for 16 days.

Kevin Rudd left the Lodge within five days in 2010, while Julia Gillard left within six days in 2013.

Tony Abbott was out three days after losing the 2015 election.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull never bothered to move in, choosing to stay at his childhood home in Point Piper.

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