GFN Thursday: Get GeForce Fortnite Reward NOW

Epic Games brings a new one Fortnite reward for GeForce NOW, available to all members. Get off the Battle Bus Fortnite on GeForce NOW between today and Thursday, August 4 to earn “The Dish-stroyer Pickaxe” in-game for free.

Members can earn this item by streaming Fortnite on GeForce NOW on their PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, SHIELD TVs and with an optimized touch experience on iOS Safari and Android mobile devices. Thanks to the power of Epic and GeForce servers, all GeForce NOW members can take action anywhere.

In addition, nine new titles are arriving on GeForce NOW this week, Fortnite and over 1,300 other games streaming in GeForce quality.

Oops, sorry there, almost lost signal. It’s now coming through loud and clear for a packed GFN Thursday.

Brag it up with this in-game reward

Take down the big wins with the free ‘Dish-stroyer Pickaxe’, a reward available to streaming GeForce NOW members Fortnite any time between today at 12:00 noon Easter and Thursday, August 4, 11:59 pm Easter. Rewards will appear in accounts starting Thursday, August 11. Check out this Epic FAQ for more information on how to link your Epic account to GFN.

Fortnite Dishtroyer Reward NOW on GeForce
The look on people’s faces when they saw this in-game item was priceless. You could say the reception was unbelievable…

Fortnite fans can try GeForce NOW for free to get this reward, and play Fortnite on all compatible GeForce NOW devices, including on mobile with intuitive touch controls, Windows PC, macOS, iOS Safari, Android phones and tablets, Android TV, SHIELD TV, 2022 Samsung TVs, and select LG TV models.

All members are eligible for this in-game reward, regardless of membership level. For members with an RTX 3080 membership, it will be even more victorious to take out opponents with “The Dish-stroyer” – with ultra-low latency, eight hours of gaming sessions and streaming in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, or 1440p at 120 FPS on the PC and Mac apps.

With 120 FPS streaming now generally available on 120Hz Android devices, RTX 3080 members can stream Fortnite with higher frame rates to more phones and tablets for an even more responsive experience.

Keep the wins rolling

Endling Extinction is forever on GeForce NOW
Who let the fox out? Play as a mother fox and defend her three cubs in this eco-conscious adventure.

This week also adds nine new games, including 3D platformer hell pie. GFN members can now see “Nate the demon” and “Nugget the angel” in all their terrifying glory, powered by ray-tracing technology for more vivid gameplay. Check out the other titles now available to stream:

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