Glebe residents say ‘slow train’ over proposed Lansdowne 2.0

Some residents who live near Lansdowne Park say the proposal for further redevelopment, called Lansdowne 2.0, is moving too fast and they want more time to review the plan.

Capital Count. Shawn Menard held a public meeting Monday night about the plans unveiled last week by the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG). The city has yet to hold a public consultation on the recently announced plans, but Menard was eager to hear from his constituents.

“We need to hit the pause button on the Lansdowne 2.0 proposal,” said Alexandra Gruca-Macaulay, who attended Monday’s meeting.

“So that all Ottawa residents who have not had a chance to read the proposal this weekend can understand and assess the impact the proposal would have on them.”

The park’s proposed makeover includes a new arena and newly constructed bleachers on the north side, plus 1,200 residential units — and is estimated to cost $330 million.

Councilors will discuss the plan Friday in the city’s finance and economic development committee, where they will be asked to approve $8 million in funding to come up with a fine-grained plan and discuss the proposal widely. It would also allow staff to request quotes for air rights.

count. Shawn Menard, left, held a public meeting about the plans unveiled last week by the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. Anthony Carricato, right, was concerned about the speed of the project. (Zoom)

If passed Lansdowne’s new proposal, it will go to the full council at the end of May, although the final decision on the project won’t be made until the next council term.

“I really hope that one of the councilors of… [the committee] will file a motion to simply slow the train down,” said Anthony Carricato, a member of the Glebe Community Association who is also a public transit commissioner.

“Again, you’ve had nine months. We’ve had less than nine days.’

Menard wants all important decisions to be made after the October elections

Ten percent of the 1,200 new homes will be affordable homes, OSEG says. According to city officials, affordable in this context is defined as 80 percent of the citywide market rate.

You’ve had nine months. We’ve had less than nine days.– Anthony Carricato, Glebe Community Association

Menard has made it clear that he believes that the city council should postpone important decisions until after the municipal elections in the fall.

While the councilor approves of some aspects of the proposal, he sees problems with how these buildings should be ‘tax neutral’, calling it a false story. OSEG CEO Mark Goudie calls the proposal ‘self-financing proposal and proposal’.

All in one day8:29count. Shawn Menard is organizing a public consultation on Lansdowne Park’s makeover worth $330 million

What has been dubbed “Lansdowne 2.0” is said to have a new arena, bleachers and 1,200 residential units, to address concerns expressed by some local residents, Coun. Shawn Menard is hosting a public consultation tonight. 8:29

Likewise, Menard would like to see a transport plan accompany the proposal and is concerned about the involvement of private partners.

“We’re making commitments to ourselves here that I think will have to wait until we’ve had that solid public consultation,” the councilor said.

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