Hair Restoration Practice Opens in Albuquerque

From left to right, Chief Operating Officer Elijah Scholer, Dr. Christopher Plaman and hair technician Ajianni Ortega at Precision Medical Hair Restoration & Aesthetics. (Roberto E. Rosales/Journal)

Precision Medical Hair Restoration and Aesthetics, a new medical practice dedicated to helping patients with hair loss, is now open and accepting clients.

The clinic, located at 5111 San Mateo NE, opened in mid-February and according to its founder, Dr. Christopher Plaman, it is the first practice in New Mexico to deal exclusively with hair loss.

Plaman, a graduate of the University of New Mexico Medical School, said he chose to focus on hair restoration during his stay in San Diego.

During that time, he said he met a specialist in that field and quickly realized that hair transplant patients came out of their procedures happier than any other patients he had seen.

“It’s…a really incredible gift to be able to help people,” Plaman said. “…I saw the patients come in after the surgery follow-up and they were the happiest patients I’ve seen. … They felt like they were a new person again.”

He said he decided to start his practice in New Mexico since growing up in Albuquerque and realizing that there were few hair restoration options available to people in the state.

About 60% of its customers are local, but the rest often come from other states, he said.

Plaman said that since a person’s hair is often an integral part of how they see themselves, hair restoration procedures can often lead to dramatic improvements in quality of life through an increase in confidence.

He said hair loss is more common than most people think – nearly 80% of men and about 50% of women will experience hair loss during their lifetime, and in some patients, hair loss can start at an early age.

“We’re seeing a wide range of patients,” Plaman said. “Normally we treat adults, but often I have parents who come in and they also say ‘hey, what can I do for my teen, and make sure… they don’t experience the same hair loss that I have.'”

His practice uses a combination of techniques to combat hair loss, such as topical treatments, injectables and hair transplants using a machine that uses artificial intelligence to select and harvest individual hair follicles.

The main machine the practice uses for hair transplants, the Artas iX Robotic Hair Restoration, is also the only one of its kind in all of New Mexico, according to Plaman.

Hair restoration services can range from less than $100 for certain prescription medications to over $10,000 for hair transplants.

Plaman said consultations are free, but services are not covered by insurance.

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