Harwood Fire and Rescue gets chest compression system

HARWOOD, ND (Valley News Live) – Harwood Area Fire and Rescue has a new device thanks to a donation from a local company.

The family-owned Ellingson Companies decided to partner with the department to fund a project. The Harwood Fire and Rescue Board gave Ellingson Companies a “wish list” of items the department could use, based on their order of importance, and let them choose.

Ellingson Companies decided to donate a Lucas 3 chest compression system to the department. The department says it’s a game changer.

“It provides extremely effective chest compressions during CPR, with very minimal effort from our rescuers. This device also allows members to deliver electrical shocks through an automated external defibrillator (AED) while continuing to deliver compressions. This device can really be a life saver.”

The device was unanimously chosen by the Ellingson Companies ownership and leadership team because they operate almost exclusively in rural settings where first responders can be scarce and often delayed when calling for help.

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