Hellenic Chair at Melbourne Uni will be ‘for the benefit of all Australians’, says Minister Hawke

During a visit to celebrate the final stages of a Hellenic Senior Lectureship in Global Diasporas tenure at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus, Liberal member Mitchell Alex Hawke praised the value of the fully established chair that will follow.

The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs met the Provost, Professor Nicola Phillips (Acting Vice-Chancellor), with representatives of the Greek community and the University of Melbourne during the visit.

Melbourne’s Greek community has championed the establishment of a Hellenic Chair in Global Diasporas, working with the Faculty of Arts and the Melbourne Humanities Foundation Board to raise the necessary funds.

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with representatives from both organizations to celebrate their progress in establishing this important academic position, which will contribute to Australia’s social cohesion and build a greater understanding of the global diaspora communities, for the benefit of all Australians,” said Minister Hawke.

The University of Melbourne received $2.5 million in government funding to establish the chair in the School of Culture and Communication of the University’s Faculty of Arts.

The Hellenic Chair in Global Diasporas in collaboration with Melbourne’s Greek community aims to:

  • – leading research in global diaspora studies
  • – promoting an understanding of Greek society within wider cultural studies, and
  • – engaging the general public with the relevance of Hellenism and the global diaspora

“It is also intended that Greek language and culture units will be offered as broad subjects once the program begins,” said GCM board member and education convenor Dr. Nick Dallas, adding that collaborations with the Greek Studies program at La Trobe University are also expected. to develop.

The role of the chair further includes the promotion of an interdisciplinary research culture and involvement with diaspora communities.

Reverend Professor Russell Goulbourne, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, underlined that “the position is a sign of the Faculty’s commitment to new ways of working in partnership with communities to address important social issues and create a more humane future for all for all.” to set”.

A key stakeholder in lobbying the federal government for funding, Melbourne’s Greek Community President Bill Papastergiadis was also present during Minister Hawke’s visit.

“This chair is proof of the importance and relevance of the diaspora in the development of our multicultural cosmopolitan society.

“Research that will be conducted in this faculty will greatly enhance our understanding as a diaspora of our needs and this will help us navigate forward with new projects and initiatives,” said Mr. Papastergiadis.

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