Here’s Goldeneye from the N64 on four separate screens

N64’s GoldenEye 007 is one of the most celebrated multiplayer games of all time, and now the Center of Computing History has found the ultimate way to stop on-screen cheating by giving each player their own separate screen.

The Center of Computing History shared a video of this new way to play GoldenEye 007 Twitter, and it shared how it undertook this effort for the next 25 years of GoldenEye Dev Talk evening.

Although the event is sold out, fans who have already bought tickets will have the chance to try this GoldenEye experience on a separate screen for themselves.

The event will also feature three of GoldenEye’s developers – Martin Hollis, Dr. David Doak and Brett Jones – as guests and will include development documents, concept art and playable versions of GoldenEye Japan and possibly the canceled GoldenEye Remastered for Xbox 360. †

If you’d like to have this setup to yourself, the Center of Computing History warned that it was a bit tricky and also quite expensive, as it’s about 8,000 video distribution equipment. It also noted that the game ran on an original N64 with an original GoldenEye 007 cartridge.

While this might be hard to recreate for most people, GoldenEye 007 Xbox Achievements appeared online earlier this year and may hint at a new port coming our way in the future.

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