How New iPhone Message Features Can Help Avoid Ridiculous Texts

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Apple’s latest iPhone feature can help prevent a really easy texting error: You quickly text your friend Jane about a surprise party for your friend John. Unfortunately, with John on your mind, you accidentally send that iMessage to him instead. There’s nothing you can do – at least not if you do it today. With the release of iOS 16 this fall, you’ll be able to: recall or edit an accidental message what you said, as long as you spot the mistake quickly.

Apple announced these new texting features for iPhone on its WWDC event on Monday. It also showcased another new Messages feature that lets you mark texts as unread if you can’t respond right away. Other new features coming to iPhone include: new lock screen customization options and Apple Pay Later† And SharePlay is added to Messages.

We’ll explain how the two new SMS features will work with the update scheduled for this fall. For more, here’s how to download and install iOS 16 beta on your iPhone and iPad.

Edit messages you’ve already sent

If you use messaging tools like Slack, you’ve probably edited at least one — or 100 — of the messages you’ve sent. Whether you made a typo or your post contains incorrect information, the edit feature is a fun way to make your corrections quickly. With iOS 16, you can also edit your messages sent from your iPhone within 15 minutes of sending.

To start making changes, select the Edit function. The person on the other end of the line sees that the message has been edited, but cannot see the original message – although of course they may have already read it before you edited it.

While this new tool will put an end to embarrassing typos once and for all, it could also allow people to rewrite their text histories, including cyberbullies who want to hide evidence of bullying. If you receive a malicious message, it may be best to take a screenshot of the conversation in case it gets edited in the future.

Instantly remember all messages you accidentally sent

iPhone menu to unsend a text message

Apple/screenshot by Katie Teague/CNET

Random messages are far too common. You may have tapped the send button when you wanted to select an emoji. Or maybe you messaged the wrong person altogether. Either way, you’ll be able to get those messages back when iOS 16 becomes available.

With the new feature, tap the text message you want to delete until a menu appears. You then select Undo Send from the menu. The message will be removed from the SMS screen and you’ll see a note that says “You didn’t send a message.” The recipient will see a gray status message that reads: “[Name] Didn’t send a message” if they’ve already viewed the text. This is similar to the Delete Message feature that apps like WhatsApp and Signal already have, which also show a similar message after a text is recalled.

While you wait for these new features to be available, check out the new makeover is coming to Apple Maps† Also here is Apple’s New MacBook Air

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