Iconic camera museum Michaels is closed and they are selling all their stuff

After 105 years of local trading, it’s the end of an era for an iconic Melbourne establishment.

After doing business on the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Streets since 1916, the iconic Michaels camera shop and photography museum has sadly ceased trading. A staple of the camera and photography history collection, Michaels is putting up all of their extremely rare and unique items from their collection in an auction – including a Red Flag 20 and 1920s Leicas. The first auction will take place on August 9. .

What you need to know

  • The iconic camera shop and museum Michaels is unfortunately closed
  • They are selling all their gear, including an extremely rare Red Flag 20
  • The first of the auctions will take place on August 9th by Leski’s Auctions

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Head to their auction for your chance to purchase some extremely rare and unique items that have been part of the Michael’s Camera Museum. They are auctioning an extremely rare Red Flag 20, a camera produced by one of Chairman Mao’s wives and never sold but given to the facility in China. They sell everything from their shop and museum, except for one thing: one of the rarest cameras they have, their Olympus Pen-F cutaway.

Since opening in 1916, Michael’s Cameras has been in the family for over 100 years. Specializing in everything from film development to camera rental, Michaels was an iconic Melbourne store. Dedicated to preserving cameras and photographic history, they had a museum as part of their shop of unique and rare cameras.

The loss of Michaels is a great loss to the fabric of the city – always free to enter, their camera shop and photography museum has been a premier destination for all photographers, professional and amateur.

Learn more by visiting Leski’s Auctions page at the Michael Family Camera Museum here.

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