Initial reactions to season four premiere call it ‘scarier than ever’ and ‘more mature’

Netflix held the world premiere Stranger Things 4 Saturday night screening of the first episode of the streamer’s anchor series for cast and crew members. Several members of the media also happened to be in attendance, with the streamer allowing them to tweet the initial reactions to the episode right after the premiere. As you would expect, the initial reactions are overwhelmingly positive and almost perfect.

Most tout the show’s “return to form,” with some calling it the show’s scariest outing yet. Others praised the project’s production value, saying it’s as close to the $30 million Netflix has reportedly spent on each episode. The series will debut the first part of season four episodes on May 27, while the rest of the season will air on July 1.

The series will then end with its fifth season, although no filming or release schedule has been set for it yet. “Seven years ago, we planned the entire storyline for Weird stuff Weird stuff creators Matt and Ross Duffer previously wrote in a letter to fans. “At the time we predicted that the story would last four to five seasons. It turned out to be too big to tell in four seasons, but – as you will see for yourself – we are now rushing to our finale.”

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Scarier than ever


Grown up

Weird stuff Season 4 will premiere on May 27.

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