Internet company Montana expands to Happy Valley

After 28 years of providing Internet services, MontanaSky Network will expand into Happy Valley between Whitefish and Kalispell.

The ISP currently serves Flathead, Lake and Lincoln counties and hopes to expand into underserved, rural communities. It aims to provide internet services to 500 homes in Happy Valley.

“Because MontanaSky is a small 100% local business, we have to be very strategic about where we invest and how much the construction costs will be,” said CEO Ryan Bowman. “Happy Valley ticked all the boxes and we are very excited to be a part of this community.”

As the digital age continues to evolve and remote work and education become routine, it’s especially important for communities to get fast and reliable internet solutions, the company says.

The new service includes internet as fast with 1 Gbps, VoIP phone solutions and

MontanaSky IPTV, said sales and marketing manager Amber Pacheco-Holm. Montana Sky Network also offers faster download and upload speeds, free advanced Wi-Fi upgrades and free installation, she notes.

MontanaSky Network says it is working to provide SkyConnect wireless internet for more remote areas. Many communities receive their Internet service from “telecom giants,” as Bowman puts it, and the company is hopeful that local communities will instead entrust a local company to provide their Internet service.

“The real test will be how many people will choose to leave the major ISPs and put their trust in a local company to provide their connection. The more clients we can add to a project, the faster we can expand into more areas,” said Bowman.

The expansion project will be realized 100% locally. The company is committed to employing and serving its local communities.

“We are proud to employ homegrown talent, enabling us to have a greater impact on our community,” said Pacheco-Holm. From crew to contractors to administration, MontanaSky Network hopes to be able to flow back into the communities they live in.

With the state of Montana considering applications for the $266 million in federal COVID-19 broadband expansion relief funds in the coming months, MontanaSky continues to invest private dollars to bring better broadband access to the area.

Construction will be completed in the coming weeks, according to Pacheco-Holm. Montana Sky Network can be reached at 406-752-4335 or visit

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