Internet condemns ‘heartless’ boss’s response to employee’s mother’s death

The internet has criticized a “heartless” boss who forced an employee to request formal leave (LOA) after their mother’s death.

The employee posted on Reddit’s “Antiwork” forum under the username u/IAmHerdingCatz, claiming that her boss also accused her of having “bad attitude” amid the HR nightmare. The post has received more than 10,000 votes and more than 600 comments from Redditors encouraging u/IAmHerdingCatz to find a new job with a more empathetic employer.

At the beginning of her post, u/IAmHerdingCatz explained that she was her mother’s permanent power of attorney. As such, it is her responsibility to “fly out, meet her medical team, make end-of-life decisions and make all funeral arrangements, close bank accounts, etc.”

To manage everything, you/IAmHerdingCatz had to take some time off. Unfortunately, her boss only allowed her two days of bereavement. To qualify for more free time without “encroachment” [her] presence”, the boss of u/IAmHerdingCatz “requires” that she request a formal LOA.

sad employee
The internet has criticized a “heartless” boss who forced an employee to take official leave after the death of their mother.

“So while I’m going through all of my mom’s stuff… now I’m also trying to navigate the evils of HR and the LOA team. They want an 8 page document from her doctor detailing my mom’s medical condition she wrote. † “The LOA people will probably refuse my leave because I didn’t magically produce paperwork that I don’t have.”

To make matters worse, u/IAmHerdingCatz claimed her boss accused her of “bad attitude.”

“And somewhere in all this mess I lost my mother,” she concluded.

It’s important to note that leave can be “voluntary, mandatory, paid, or unpaid,” according to The Balance Careers. According to ADP, a mandatory LOA is “administered at the federal level by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).” Under the FMLA, employees are generally allowed to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, work-protected leave.

Employees eligible for FMLA leave include those who care for a sick family member, those who have serious health problems, and those who have recently given birth.

A voluntary LOA, on the other hand, is “generally at the discretion of the employer and does not typically provide the same job protection as the FMLA,” explains ADP. Common reasons for LOA requests are bereavement, divorce or pursuing higher education.

Fortunately, you/IAmHerdingCatz shared in an update that her LOA request was approved; however, she did not specify whether it would be paid, unpaid, or if she would receive job protection.

news week has contacted u/IAmHerdingCatz for comment.

Redditors criticized the boss of u/IAmHerdingCatz for her handling of the death of u/IAmHerdingCatz’ mother and encouraged her to look for a new job.

†[Y]our employer is still a heartless bastard, and they should be publicly ashamed of this disgusting behavior,” wrote u/Psychological_You478.

“F**k that leave!” called you/intentionalqueef. “Just stop it. Start swiping for less stress.”

“Find another job, where they might have empathy for fellow human beings. Jesus, why are bosses like this?” you asked/Sprezzatura1988.

Redditor u/OldGreyFoxx added: “I’m very sorry for your loss and I hope you manage to find some time for yourself to process the grief, despite all the mistreatment of your job.”

u/IAmHerdingCatz isn’t the first “Antiwork” poster to go viral in recent months.

Other notable posters include a woman who quit her job after being threatened by her HR manager, a man who claimed his mother’s job was “at risk” because she was taking time off to care for him after emergency surgery, and one person said they were told to take off their face masks during a job interview.

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