Internet in disbelief over cat who ‘potty trained’ herself to use toilet

A cat who is “self housebroken” has left the internet after gaining viral attention.

Shared to Reddit on Tuesday by user tunalemon, the photo shows a cat sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, looking back at the camera. In addition to the caption, “I found out my cat potty trained herself,” the photo has since received more than 13,000 votes.

Amazed by the story, Reddit users took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Cats are the best,” said one commenter, while another said, “Omg. What a jackpot from a cat.”

“He thinks he’s people,” another Redditor joked.

One cat owner wrote, “Luckily. Mine just s**** randomly in the houseplants.”

But not everyone was convinced. “Come on now,” wrote another commenter. “Did he train himself to do this randomly on his own? Absolutely not. Can you train a cat to do this? Sure. But a cat isn’t going to do this alone without being trained to do this.”

But the Reddit poster clarified, claiming that the cat was never trained. “He’s basically an outdoor cat. I’m 100 percent convinced he learned by watching me because he likes to keep me occupied while I use the bathroom,” they wrote. “For the record, I have absolutely no extra time to housebreak a cat.”

news week has contacted Tunalemon for comment.

If you want your cat to go to the bathroom too, there’s good news.

It is possible to teach your cat to use the toilet. In fact, many pet owners prefer to train their cat to use the bathroom and avoid shoveling for good.

Not the perfect fit for every cat, anxious cats or cats that already have trouble using the litter box may not be suitable for potty training, but if your cat is happy with their usual litter box it may be worth a try.

When it comes to training your cat to use the bathroom, there are a few tools designed to help. One of these was created by Jo Lapidge in 2004 when she was inspired by the comedy film Meet the parents with the well-trained Mr. Jinx using the bathroom, Lapidge began training her cat Doogie to use the bathroom.

After a few months, the Nest Kwitter was born. It is now sold around the world and includes four color-coded trays that fit over the rim of the toilet to facilitate training. The first box is a litter box that sits all the way over the toilet seat. When your feline friend is used to using the new little cabinet in the toilet, owners can move on to the next stage.

As time goes by, the trays are swapped out with openings in the center that gradually increase in size until your cat no longer needs the box on the edge of the litter box and will just use the toilet itself.

Unfortunately, not all Redditors were able to share the same success stories. “My dumba** cat drinks from the toilet,” said one commenter.

Another commenter wrote, “I’d shout this performance from the rooftops.”

Cat uses the toilet
A file photo of a cat using the toilet. The internet has been let down after a photo of a cat teaching itself to use the bathroom attracted viral attention.
adamdowdee282/Getty Images

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